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“Os fuzis e as flechas”- Rubens Valente

This week's recommendation is the book "Os fuzis e as flechas" by Rubens Valente. Check out the translated book's synopsis:

"The book "Os fuzis e as flechas" ("Rifles and arrows") is a journalistic investigation that describes hundreds of indigenous deaths during the military dictatorship in Brazil (1964-1985). Over the course of a year, the author interviewed eighty people, including indigenous people, sertanistas, missionaries and indigenists, traveled 14,000 kilometers by car, visited ten states and ten indigenous villages in Amazonas, Mato Grosso do Sul and Minas Gerais. As well as drawing on thousands of pages collected in archives in Brasilia, São Paulo and Rio, the book brings to light unpublished records of errors and omissions that led to health tragedies during the construction of major works, such as the Transamazon highway, which crossed the Amazon from east to west."

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