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Our story

We started our activities under the name "Ruptura Metabólica" in 2021 through the initiative of coordinators Leura Dalla Riva, Francieli Iung Izolani and Clarissa de Souza Guerra. The project initially focused on the production and dissemination of knowledge  regarding the ecological and climate crisis and related topics, such as agroecology, food sovereignty and security, ecofeminisms, etc.

The name "Ruptura Metabólica" (metabolic rift) had as its starting point the researches developed by coordinators Leura and Clarissa within the scope of the Master's Degree in Law at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM) (a federal university in Brazil) under the guidance of Professor Dr. Maria Beatriz Oliveira da Silva. Both authors worked in their dissertations with the Marxist category of "metabolic rift" to refer to the breakdown of balance in the relationship between human beings and Nature caused by the advent and globalization of the capitalist mode of production.

During 2022, researchers Eduardo Schneider Lersch, Artur Bernardo Milchert and Mayra Angélica Rodriguez Avalos joined the team, which led to the expansion of the thematic axes addressed by the Project and the change of name to "Ruptura" in order to  include the researches carried out in the scope of protecting the rights of victims and combating corruption and organized crime and their respective socio-environmental effects.

In early 2023, Ruptura was officially registered as a non-profit legal entity governed by private law, constituted as a Civil Society Organization.

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