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Pilha colorida de livros velhos


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DALLA RIVA, L; GUERRA, C. S.; SILVA, M. B. O. da. Metabolic disruption, ecological and food crisis: the agroecological experience of the MST in the search for food sovereignty as an anti-capitalist paradigm. FURB Legal Review, v. 26, 2022.

DALLA RIVA, L.; SILVA, M. B. O. da.The essence of the legal form as an obstacle to agroecology. Law and Praxis Magazine,Ahead of Print, 2022, p. 1-36.

DALLA RIVA, L..From monoculture agribusiness to Agroecology: The fundamental role of the State and possible obstacles to an agroecological transition in Brazil. In: MELO, M. P. (Org.). Constitutional Politics Collection: contemporary challenges. Vol. II. Florianópolis: Imagine Brazil, 2021, v. 2, p. 305-332.

DALLA RIVA, L.; IZOLANI, F.Sociobiodiversity rights and constitutionalism in Latin America: A comparative analysis between Brazil and Ecuador. In: IZOLANI, F. et al. (Org.). Women and the environment: our fundamental role. Volume III. 1st edition.Blumenau: Dom Modesto, 2021, v. 3, p. 35-56.

DALLA RIVA, L.; IZOLANI, F.; RUVIARO, L..; GUERRA, C.S.From Agroecology to respect for sociobiodiversity: a look at the (im)possible sustainability through another way of producing food. In: TYBUSCH, J.S. et. al. (Org.). Agroecology and sociobiodiversity rights. 1st edition.Santa Maria: Arco, 2020, v. 1, p. 52-71.

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