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Newsletter #9.2024

Check out our team's highlights from the last week:

1. Lula launches decree determining environmental assessment for the mouth of the Amazon

According to IBAMA, Lula is expected to sign a decree on an environmental study on the need to carry out the so-called AAAS (Environmental Assessment of Sedimentary Areas) in environmentally sensitive locations for oil exploration, such as the Foz do Amazonas basin. The lack of an AAAS was one of the grounds used by Ibama to deny a license to the drilling project for oil exploration in the Foz do Amazonas. According to Ibama's president, the decree to be published by Lula will be applied to cases similar to the Foz do Amazonas and will help to "regulate strategic environmental assessments for the whole of Brazil".

2. Even as IBAMA and ICMBio employees stop work, government cuts budget

Since January, federal employees in the environmental sector have been in a state of partial stoppage seeking career restructuring with the Lula government. The actions taken by the category so far have led to a decrease in inspections and the imposition of fines, as well as affecting the issuing of environmental licenses. In addition to the impasse with the civil servants, a new budget cut has reduced the resources earmarked for environmental inspections, such as combating deforestation and fire in Brazilian biomes.

3. Senate approves National Air Quality Policy with pollution limits

The Senate has given the green light to Bill 3027/2022, which establishes the National Air Quality Policy and the National Air Quality Management System. The measure proposes the implementation of maximum limits for atmospheric emissions and the respective inventory as key tools for ensuring air quality. It also includes the definition of air quality standards and the monitoring of these, the implementation of tax incentives, as well as the development of specific plans for managing air quality and combating pollution from various emission sources. The bill now goes to President Lula for sanction.

Source: Senate

4. Brazil and France sign agreement to invest 1 billion euros in the Amazon bioeconomy

The meeting held in Belém last week between Presidents Lula (Brazil) and Macron (France) resulted in an agreement to invest 1 billion euros in the Amazon bioeconomy over the next four years, with collaboration between Brazilian public banks and the French Development Agency. Private investment in the project is also planned.

Source: G1

5. Brazilian government implements regulations for a program aimed at decarbonizing the automotive industry and infrastructure debentures

Launched in December last year by provisional measure, the Green Mobility and Innovation (Mover) program was regulated by the federal government last week. Check out Ruptura's article on the program: "Mover Program: moving towards decarbonization or going backwards in the energy transition?"

Source: ClimaInfo

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